• "Psagot Winery’s voice will now be heard — it proudly produces products of Israel.”

    - David Elmaleh

  • "What we're seeing across the country, is nothing short of anarchy. Employers are exploiting workers' rights for the purposes of expediency and saving the bottom dollar."

    - Aaron Rosenberg

  • "We are pleased that York University undertook such an extensive review of its policies as a result of the vile and blatant incitement of violence directed towards Herut Canada and all Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus."

    - David Elmaleh

  • "Our immediate concern is York’s arbitrary and misguided withdrawal of Herut’s rights and privileges as a campus group... Campus groups should be at liberty to organize events without fear of intimidation or harassment."

    - David Elmaleh and Aaron Rosenberg

  • "Psagot Winery’s wines are produced by Israelis under the auspices of an Israeli company in an Israeli community on Israeli land subject to Israeli law, in the State of Israel, and in the Land of Israel. Its wines are products of Israel.." - David Elmaleh and Aaron Rosenberg

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  • The decision “will undoubtedly encourage BDS activists to further exploit precious judicial resources and continue to make a farce of our justice system.” - Aaron Rosenberg and David Elmaleh

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  • “As Canadians, we must resist division and fear of minority concerns... We must celebrate the day that our Federal Court proclaimed that minorities matter. That process matters.” - David Elmaleh

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  • “Legislatures must exercise extreme caution in any attempts to limit expression and may instead, or in addition, be wise to consider existing, available mechanisms to deter hate speech.” - David Elmaleh

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  • “The gender wage gap is one of the most challenging and pervasive manifestations of workplace discrimination in Canada.” - Aaron Rosenberg

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  • Law Times/03.19

    No bad faith in province’s green energy cuts

    “The detailed decision by the trial judge provides an excellent outline of the law in this tort and how it can be applied to matters that proceed to trial... this case may be particularly interesting to litigators.” - David Elmaleh

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  • “We need to ensure that anyone can freely criticize on a matter of public interest when there is no malice... It is about protecting free speech.” - David Elmaleh

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  • Canadian Lawyer/08.18

    Ontario Court of Appeal decision answers 'big legal questions' on SLAPP suits

    “Anti-SLAPP legislation in Ontario is alive and well." 

    Particularly intriguing, says Elmaleh, is that all six decisions were unanimous, despite the “intricate nature of the legislation and the many issues and components of the legal test.”

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  • “This case serves as a harsh reminder for teenagers and young adults who may be romantically involved with individuals under the age of 18. It also serves as a lesson generally for any friends who may engage in sexting in the so-called selfie era.” - David Elmaleh

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  • “Employers now have less direct control over employees,” says Elmaleh, noting that there are more contract employees and individuals working from home or other working arrangements.

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